What is your design manifesto?

My manifesto is to never stop growing, whether personally or through my design work.


Firehouse Grill

Project Type: Branding, Illustration, Lettering, Print Design

The Firehouse Grill has been serving great food from downtown Nanaimo’s historic firehall for over a decade. The restaurant has an undeniably eccentric style that is influenced as much by the genuine history of the building as it is the creative genius of its head chef.

The updated identity for the Firehouse Grill is meant to communicate a fun holistic impression of a Firehouse dining experience for customers and staff members alike, while still conveying the hard-earned trust and familiarity created by the restaurant.

I have supplied a selection of some of the best pieces from that branding, work that ultimately displays my dedication to creating excellent design through photography, illustration, lettering, and lay-out.

1080 - 1.jpg

Miyagi’s Flying Circus

This poster was a lot of fun to create, and is a part of a series, and plays on both the restaurant’s use of fusion flavours and their most iconic dish, the Miyagi Magic Prawns.

Portfolio Mockups Gcard.jpg

Gift Cards

This is displayed in Costco so customers can buy great deals on food at the Firehouse Grill. This was a fun project, and was a great learning experience in the intricacies of food photography.