After four years of design studies, how do you see the world now?

I will never be able to look at a poster, brochure, or presentation the same. It ruined my outlook in the best way possible. A lot of the time I’m discovering problems around me and can’t help but try to solve them.



Project Type: Design Research

Serving in a restaurant is a stressful, physical, mental, and emotional job. Dealing with one difficult customer can affect the server’s emotional and mental state for the rest of their shift. It is not uncommon for servers to put up with verbal, emotional, and sexual abuse on a daily basis. With our society adopting the “customer is always right” attitude they have to put up with it while appearing to have no problem with the conflict. A lot of conflicts that arise in a restaurant setting are caused by simple misunderstandings or lack of awareness. Etiquette uses a variety of deliverables that aim to answer some of the questions people have surrounding the service industry. By answering some common questions, customers can begin to understand how restaurants are run, and therefore encourage a bit of empathy. The objective is to: reduce the number of negative encounters between servers and customers, provide a resource for people to find quick information, encourage empathy from servers and customers alike, and increase the likelihood of an enjoyable experience for all involved.



The deliverables are specific handouts that are available at the time the misunderstanding is likely to arise, in a format that makes sense in that context. After looking at the research, the different misunderstandings and when they are encountered were mapped out, and individual solutions were designed accordingly. In addition, there is one booklet containing all of the information in one place, with a similar digital version on an etiquette website. The website also contains links to additional resources and articles that may be helpful. Lastly, there is a social media marketing campaign to raise awareness and get etiquette’s name out. All of the text is written to spark curiosity, with headings written like questions the customers may have, rather than the information being presented in a pointed or overly confrontational way. The content should read friendly and educational.