What influences your design aesthetic?

People, experiences, places and moments. My illustration and design work evidently reflect visual change throughout my life. Whether it be a trip to the Caribbean or a tragic hardship, I cannot avoid my personal experience leaking into the styles, colours and moods of my illustration. Becoming more aware of diversity within design across the world and being introduced to new designers all contribute to my overall evolution in my creations.



Project Type: Design Research

ImagiNation Studios are portable freight containers designed for the purpose of providing free and easy access after school programs to kids right in their own neighborhood parks. By allowing kids of all backgrounds to experience engaging and skill building opportunities, I hope to grant the young nation a chance to explore their identities through a variety of projects and activities.

Each studio has been transformed from a used shipping container to a creative space including a work table seating 12 kids, a reading nook, storage cupboards, wash stations and a bathroom. The space has been designed to encourage productive ideation, as well as provide a comforting safe place to relax, create, read, learn and make friends!


With the belief that every child deserves a chance to express their skillfully unique individualities to the world, I designed a space and program to allow the young nation to discover their talents, skills, interests and possibly be steered towards future career choices. The success of society truly depends on how we educate and raise our kids in a healthy and productive environment.