What is your SHIFT?

When I came to Canada four years ago, i didn't know much about the world and i didn't know what to expect. Over these four years, i've been able to find and know myself. All my experiences has helped me discover the things that are most important to me and also what i want to do with my life. Now that my studies are over, this is the time for me to put everything to motion, this is my SHIFT.


The liberation project

Project Type : Design Activism & Campaign, Branding, Design Research


“The mother care box” is a box given to young mothers between the age of 14 - 20 who are adjusting to motherhood. The box contains information on how to take care of babies as well as things to assist them with chid care such as, nursing bras, feeding bottles and many more.

My aim with this project is to educate women and create awareness about these issues that are happening and provide solutions for them. While keeping in mind my creative considerations, I hope my designs are generic enough to apply to everyone, regardless of background. So, the effect of my solution on these women should be awareness of their rights and health issues relating to child marriage and early pregnancy. 

My audience is girls from ages 13 - 20 who reside in underprivileged and developing countries. Their literacy level is from beginning to intermediate; not too advanced. They have no form of independence as they depend on their parents and the government. Depending on their countries, there would be cultural and language barriers.


Every year, almost 15 Million girls are forced into marriages at the age of 18 years. These women don’t have access to contraceptives and don’t have laws that support them or acknowledge these issues. A lot of young girls are being sexually violated just because they are not educated enough to know how to prevent these issues. My research project is to tackle this problem from a creative perspective and to solve it using design. I like to divide my audience into two groups. The first group are the ones that are aware of the problems/issues and are actively seeking for help and solutions to the their problems. The second group are the ones who are living in this situation but are not are not actively seeking help because they are not educated enough to be aware of this problems.

Box mockup 2.png

For branding, it was important to make the logo speak to the audience and communicate it’s cause. It was also crucial that the logo was simplistic and yet sophisticated. The colour pallet needed to be very feminine and fun to bring light to a serious issue.