What is your design manifesto?

I believe in designing for people first. If a product or service is useful to people, however large or small the impact may be, it carves out a reason for the business to exist in the first place.

I also believe in collaboration between designers and professionals from different disciplines. Business leaders and marketers may talk about a USP (unique selling point) of a product. Designers may talk about empathy with human-centered design principles. In a sense, we’re almost talking about the same thing. What makes sense for people-first design decisions will also assure a truly unique selling point for a business. And finding that sweet spot is what I’m interested in doing as a designer.

Designers and businesses share responsibility to put out thoughtful design work out into the world. It only makes sense for commerce and for social accountability.


The Healthy Dick Project

Project Type: Interaction Design, Branding, Design Research

Younger heterosexual men experience systemic, cultural, social, and gendered factors that discourage them from obtaining STI testing. Yet, to truly work towards preventing and limiting STI transmissions, it’s important to empower younger straight men with STI testing options, and work towards changing their behaviour towards sexual health.

The Healthy Dick Project aims to bring STI testing into the public sphere at a pivotal point of young men’s lives: the start of post-secondary education. There’s three main components to this project.

Branding & Awareness Campaign

Emoji-influenced branding, high-impact posters, and cheeky copywriting aim to speak with young men in a humorous way to diffuse the traditionally off-limits topic of STI testing.


Popup STI Testing Tent

The popup testing tent brings STI testing to social events, where young men will frequent. The testing tent contains two testing booths, where healthcare practitioners will offer onsite rapid STI testing. As an incentive, participants will receive hot dogs and merchandise afterwards.


e-STI Testing Option

This option is offered to those who prefer more privacy. After signing up at social events with the Banana Crew, people will receive discreet reminders periodically from the decoy identity of The Healthy Doc. When the user has complete privacy, he is then invited to complete an online questionnaire to obtain a QR code. He can then go directly to any LifeLabs location in BC to process the STI testing. This bypasses awkward visits and long wait times at walk-in clinics, sexual health clinics, or family physicians.